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Information of Outages due to Scheduled Maintenance Activities  
SNName of TownMaintenance activity Scheduled for Outage Affected AreaOutage Start DateOutage Start TimeOutage End Date (Expected)Outage End Time (Expected)
1 BHILAI11KV Ayyappa Nagar FeederKOHKA25-May-201706:00:00 AM25-May-201712:00:00 PM
2 BHILAI11KV ASHISH NAGARRISALI25-May-201706:00:00 AM25-May-201707:00:00 AM
3 BHILAI11KV AWADHAPURIRISALI25-May-201706:00:00 AM25-May-201707:00:00 AM
4 BHILAI11KV ISPAT NAGARRISALI25-May-201706:00:00 AM25-May-201707:00:00 AM
5 BHILAI11KV Maitri Kunj FeederRISALI25-May-201706:00:00 AM25-May-201707:00:00 AM
6 BHILAI11KV MAITRI KUNJRISALI25-May-201706:00:00 AM25-May-201707:00:00 AM
7 BHILAI11KV PRAGATI NAGARRISALI25-May-201706:00:00 AM25-May-201707:00:00 AM
8 BHILAI11KV RUWABANDHARISALI25-May-201706:00:00 AM25-May-201707:00:00 AM
9 BHILAI11KV Mohari FeederRISALI25-May-201706:00:00 AM25-May-201707:00:00 AM
10 BHILAI11KV Church FeederRISALI25-May-201706:00:00 AM25-May-201707:00:00 AM
11 BHILAI11KV Risali Basti FeederRISALI25-May-201706:00:00 AM25-May-201707:00:00 AM
12 BHILAI11KV Milan Chowk FeederRISALI25-May-201707:00:00 AM25-May-201708:00:00 AM
13 BHILAI11KV PETROL PUMPRISALI25-May-201707:00:00 AM25-May-201708:00:00 AM
14 BHILAI11KV RAILWAYRISALI25-May-201707:00:00 AM25-May-201708:00:00 AM
15 BHILAI11KV VANDE MATRAMKOHKA25-May-201709:00:00 AM25-May-201712:00:00 PM
16 BHILAI11 KV Surya Vihar FeederKOHKA25-May-201709:00:00 AM25-May-201712:00:00 PM
17 BHILAI11 KV Vande Mataram FeederKOHKA25-May-201709:00:00 AM25-May-201712:00:00 PM
18 BILASPUR11KV Birkona FeederSARKANDA25-May-201708:30:00 AM25-May-201709:30:30 AM
19 BILASPUR11KV Engineering College FeederSARKANDA25-May-201708:30:00 AM25-May-201709:30:30 AM
20 BILASPUR11KV TORWATORWA25-May-201709:00:00 AM25-May-201701:00:00 PM
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