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Safety Measures

Consumer Safety ( DOs and DON'Ts ) : To avoid electrical accidents
1. Do not insert wires directly into the plug socket without a matching plug pin to use any electrical appliance even on temporary basis.
2. Do not touch a bare wire i.e. without insulation, it may be live.
3. Do not make any temporary joints in the wiring without proper insulation.
4. Do not provide fuse on neutral circuit.
5. Do not use any appliance, heater, electric iron, cooler without proper earthing.
6. Do not provide higher size fuse wire than the prescribed size.
7. Do not use wet hand to switch ON and switch OFF the electricity.
8. Do notdisconnect a plug by pulling the wires when switch is ON.
9. Do not switch ON, the socket switch unless the plug is completely inserted.
10. Do not connect earthing wire with water taps, this may be hazardous.
11. Do notuse water on the electrical equipment, to extinguish the fire, switch OFF the supply.
12. Do notallow children to play with sockets, plugs, wires and other electrical appliances.
13. Keep all switches OFF even when no lamps are installed in the holders.
1. Use standard pins to tape supply from plug points.
2. Use always good quality wires, switches, with ISI marks even it costs more.
3. Fused bulb may be replaced only when switch is OFF.
4. Use always 3 pin plugs properly earthed to connect room coolers, wet grinders, mixer, washing machines, oven, electric iron, refrigerators and geysers etc.
5. All wiring works should be done through licensed wiring contractor only.
Industrial and other operating on cables, live lines and circuits
1. Man working DO NOT OPERATEā€ sign boards should be placed on all switches before commencing works.
2. Ensure that all the controlling switches are opened and locked and the fuses withdrawn before working on any circuit/apparatus.
3. Treat all circuits alive until they are proved to be dead.
4. Discharge to earth thoroughly all cables before working.
5. Discharge all H.T. and L.T. lines to earth before commencing any work.
6. Take proper permit from authorised official and provide earth discharge rods on H.T. lines before commencing work.
7. Place rubber mats in from of electrical switch boards.
8. Use safety appliances, like insulated pliers, rubber hand gloves, insulated screw drivers while working on live L.T. lines.
9. Clear all persons working, remove all earth discharge rods, before charging any L.T./H.T. lines.
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