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Information of Outages due to Scheduled Maintenance Activities  
SNName of TownMaintenance activity Scheduled for Outage Affected AreaOutage Start DateOutage Start TimeOutage End Date (Expected)Outage End Time (Expected)
1 BHILAI11KV RUWABANDHARISALI21-Aug-201710:00:00 AM21-Aug-201703:00:00 PM
2 BHILAI11KV PRAGATI NAGARRISALI21-Aug-201702:55:48 PM21-Aug-201703:59:01 PM
3 RAIPUR33KV Ekta Hospital FeederCIVIL LINES20-Aug-201710:00:00 AM20-Aug-201704:00:00 PM
4 RAIPUR33KV Nurani Chowk FeederCIVIL LINES20-Aug-201710:00:00 AM20-Aug-201704:00:00 PM
5 RAIPUR11KV Bhagat Singh Chowk FeederSHANKAR NAGAR20-Aug-201710:00:00 AM20-Aug-201704:00:00 PM
6 RAIPUR11KV ASHOKA RATAN IDALDAL SEONI21-Aug-201708:00:00 AM21-Aug-201704:00:00 PM
7 RAIPUR11KV Ashoka Ratan-3 FeederDALDAL SEONI21-Aug-201708:00:00 AM21-Aug-201704:00:00 PM
8 RAIPUR11KV ASHOKA RATAN IIDALDAL SEONI21-Aug-201708:00:00 AM21-Aug-201704:00:00 PM
9 RAIPUR11KV Saddu FeederDALDAL SEONI21-Aug-201708:00:00 AM21-Aug-201704:00:00 PM
10 RAIPUR11KV Shanti Sarovar FeederDALDAL SEONI21-Aug-201708:00:00 AM21-Aug-201704:00:00 PM
11 RAIPUR11KV Heera FeederKHAMTARI21-Aug-201710:00:00 AM21-Aug-201705:00:00 PM
12 RAIPUR11KV Vijay Laxmi FeederKHAMTARI21-Aug-201710:00:00 AM21-Aug-201705:00:00 PM
13 RAIPUR11KV Varun FeederKHAMTARI21-Aug-201710:00:00 AM21-Aug-201705:00:00 PM
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